Sunday, October 03, 2010

Not Every Application Developer Deserves Your Support

Some months ago I bought the paid version of an application in order to unlock a few extra features and support the developer.
Recently I tried to get an updated version of the application (which I had bought direct from the developer) or a refund so I could buy it in the Android Market.

I recieved this charming little note back.

Sadly I rebought the application before I read it.

No, I don't do this. This is exactly what I don't like the way Google runs their Market. Google decided for some incredibly unfair reason that all customers and users should get all upgrades and new versions for free forever, regardless of the enormous time and effort on the programmer's part. That is not how normal software works. When you buy software for your desktop computer you don't get all future versions for free forever. You have buy them. They might be cheaper than rebuying from scratch via a reduced upgrade price, but they aren't free!!!

So now I have people who buy my software by PayPal and want me to honor Google's rip-off to my own disadvantage. I'm under no obligation to sell my software through third party means in the same way Google runs their Market, but people expect it from me. They expect me to just send them free software whenever they ask.

Furthermore, PayPal upgrades are even more inconvenient for me since the process isn't now I have to manually email the program to any individual who asks for it. At least Google's method of ripping me off is automated and doesn't take any additional effort on my part.

Most people piss away the same amount of money on a single cup of coffee or about twice as much on a single movie ticket, but for software they can use for years on end, they want free upgrades and expect refunds three months after the fact.

It's a rude way to treat me, frankly.

Since PayPal won't honor the refund after sixty days, I will simply send the money back to you as a separate transaction. It'll be $2.76 since that's what PayPal paid me after taking their cut. PayPal will of course take a second fee out of it for the return transaction, so it'll probably be between $2.00 and $2.50 by the time it gets back to you. Don't spend it all at once.

Congratulations of the last three months of free software you were able to benefit from. I wish everything in life were so affordable.

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