Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My order arrived today

I don't mean to gush... but I will:
I am really impressed with
  • Their prices are fair (about the same as their competitors: and
  • They have a great interface for finding your ram. And I really mean that. If you know what your machine needs you will have it priced in 5 minutes or less. Komplett and elara make pricing laptop ram incredibly difficult by not sorting it properly, memoryc just sort it.
  • It's usually not difficult to find a discount voucher. (I have a thing about those discount code boxes, whenever I see one I need to put something in it. I've cancelled orders before because I got pissed off about not having a code, with MemoryC a quick google usually solves it.)
  • They put stuff in the post, fast. I ordered something (Standard Post) before lunch on Tuesday, and recieved it before lunch on Wednesday. That happened because they got it to the post office before 5. Awesome.
There are also somethings that annoy me about MemoryC:
  • They're sponsoring the gaming clan I belong to, but they didn't give us a discount code. (I mean why not? Just give us a 5/10% code to track what purchases are driven by us and encourage us to spend money with them. They're sponsoring PC gamers because we buy so much stuff anyway.)
  • Out side of RAM, Memory Sticks and Hard Drives their range and pricing is quite poor.
So there you have it, if you're in Ireland looking to buy RAM, Memory Sticks or Hard Drives MemoryC is the place to go. If your looking for other computer bits, they're probably only going to irritate you.


P.S. I got irritated by the Blogger interface while writing this post, and wrote this.

Monday, September 07, 2009

The Tic-Tac Song

Life is fun as a tic-tac,
Things get done as a tic-tac
When you're orange and round,
And you don't hit the ground.
Life is fun as a tic-tac!