Monday, January 18, 2010

Read Comics And Books On Your S60 V5 Device

Got a Nokia with a touch screen?

Here's how its done.
(This is going to be quite a ride, so hang on!)

First we need to lay the groundwork, so you need to install Python for S60.
Maemo Garage is the home of PyS60.
In order to do this properly you would have to download the latest version from the version list ( the file with the name ending .tar.gz) onto your computer.
Then you would have to decompress it (twice) with 7-zip.
and dig through it and install these two files:
Which you would install on your phone.

Instead I have put them on my webserver for you, you can download them and install them directly on the phone.
( Remember the version on my server may not be up to date.)

Once you have installed these I recommend you run the updater application on your phone (It may be called 'Application Updater' or 'SW Update') and update python.

Now that we have python installed we can go get our comic book reader.
The reader is called 'TouchComic' and the creators blog is here.
You can get the latest version of TouchComic and txt_converter here.
You should download and install TouchComic on the phone, you only need to download the txt_converter.

Now you should be all set, if you have a comic in .cbz (a bunch of image files in a renamed zip folder) you should be able to open it with TouchComic and read it.

If you have a .txt file (for example Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom) that you would like to read, put it on the device (I have yet to figure out a way to download a txt file directly).
Then fire up the Pythonx.x.x [x being the version numbers] in your applications folder and go options=>Run script=> select the .txt file and it will convert it to a .cbz for you.

So now you have a functioning ebook reader and comic book reader.

If you are ready for yet more adventure this is a list of Python for S60 applications you could try.

If you find a cool apps, or have any problems setting up the software, just comment below.

Have fun!