Saturday, July 16, 2005

Websites which must be seen to be viewed

Penny Arcade:-Gods of Webcomicdom.
Little Gamers:-Evil Little Swedes...Hilarious.
Ctrl Alt Delete:-Funny and with an occasionally brilliant plot.
Sam And Fuzzy:-Strange drawing style, kind of sinister. Very funny though.
Unshelved:-Damnit now I want to work in a Library...
Questionable Content:-J. Jaques does a sort of left-wing middle American O.C. with lots of music and heartbreak. And Pintsize! Great fun for all the family. Occasionally feels like its in a foreign language (to me)...
Questionable Content spin-off blog:- I was going to remove this today, but I had a look and he has added an article so it gets to stay.
Theatre Hopper:-Sick of reading about games? Try movies.
Sinfest:-Best God Ever.
VGCats:-Beautifully Drawn, Devilishly Clever. Out only once a week... Everything I want this to be (okay I'll never be that good at drawing).
Loserz:-Woo Hoo! Its back!Yay!
EXTERMINATUS NOW:-An incredibly funny webcomic which I would have been reading for months now if I hadn't mistaken it for some kind of Sonic the Hedgehog rip off. And its English, which is nice. First web-comic I've seen that has made reference to Jeremy Clarkson.
More links to webcomics coming soon...

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Yuri's Revenge.
Battlefield 2.
or Unreal Tournament.
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