Friday, September 29, 2006


Here's a song which feels a bit Jimmy Eat World to me... See what you think.

Wave because you see her.
Wave because you know her.
Wave because you need her.
Wave because you want her.
Wave because you love her.

I have changed the second verse back to its original content because It feels better...

Wave because your in the water.
Wave to your son and daughter.
Wave because of the light in your eyes.
Wave because you hear their cries.
Wave because your not that tough.
Wave because you can never get enough.

A bit random... But I like it.


I Lobster

I Lobster.
You Lobster?
He Lobster!
She Lobster!
Us Lobster!
They Lobster!
Why Lobster?
How Lobster?
Who Lobster?

-Um... Lobster everybody!