Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I am fair and impartial... yeah right!

Okay, I'll admit it... I may be a bit of a fanboy...

This means nothing, I tell you! Nothing!
On the subject of my being a total and utter Nintendo Fanboy, has anybody been keeping up with the Mario Kart DS news? Heard the latest? Yeah, Americans will be playing Mario Kart and getting fat at Mc Donalds. Meanwhile Shigsy will be walking his dog.
And some really good news: Nintendo DS is outselling the PSP (in at least one games store in Dublin)!
The reasons given for this were: 1. The Nintendo console is considerably cheaper than the Sony one. 2. The PSP had sold out and so couldn't actually compete.
I draw one conclusion from this:
Sony are better at advertising they they are at making electrical goods! The store I was in had 2 PSP display/play models, there are adds on TV, on billboards and in newspapers! We are completely surrounded by Sony's Advertising! But not a PSP in sight!
Don't you just love it?