Thursday, October 11, 2007

Left Limits

Given a function f(x)
We say that f has:

A Left Hand Limit Equal To l!

But only at the point at the point x0-oo-oh
If the value of f(x)
can be made as close as we wish to l
as x approaches x0 - From the Left

The girl beside me is hot like hell
Her cleavage invites like the gates of hell
I may not feel that rump tonight
But she looks great in the afternoon light.

Take x close to two
Like you hold your baby close to you
But keep it less, than then two
or else you just might go through

If x is nearly two, then x-squared is nearly four
and we can make it close
and we can make it big
But we always will be limited by that value: less than 2
So what I'm really saying is that it never will be four.

So when I say
f(x-) = L
Don't you walk away...

Rory Glynn
If you really want to get this you have to listen to some Guns N' Roses and then read it.
Axel Rose needs to sing it.