Friday, September 29, 2006


Here's a song which feels a bit Jimmy Eat World to me... See what you think.

Wave because you see her.
Wave because you know her.
Wave because you need her.
Wave because you want her.
Wave because you love her.

I have changed the second verse back to its original content because It feels better...

Wave because your in the water.
Wave to your son and daughter.
Wave because of the light in your eyes.
Wave because you hear their cries.
Wave because your not that tough.
Wave because you can never get enough.

A bit random... But I like it.


I Lobster

I Lobster.
You Lobster?
He Lobster!
She Lobster!
Us Lobster!
They Lobster!
Why Lobster?
How Lobster?
Who Lobster?

-Um... Lobster everybody!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Battling The Beast.

I'll chop off both your necks you freak!
Actually we have only one neck
But we've got a long spicky tail, and a beak
Oh Good! I'll send you back to heck.

That beak is sharp
like a carp
That's irrelevant
Like an elephant.

Yes I aknowledge that this is very bad.
-Rory Glynn

Communications Lecturer

Here is a single verse poem I wrote about my Communications Lecturer.
As you will soon discover I find his class utterly trivial and pointless.

Randomly he Rambles
Many Examples executed
His point is all in-shambles
His effort un-saluted

I quite like it.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Death in the family.

This one is a proper poem...
For people who can't take a hint I would like to point out that time passes between verses.

A member of our family died today
We cried and wailed in such dismay!
He was one of us for many years.
That's why his passing caused such tears.

The funeral was held last Monday
By all accounts a dreary day.
At the wake we raised our beers
To toast a life with many fears.

But today will be bright and gay,
And we will all go out and play!
You see I don to want to seem perfidious
But now we have a new goldfish.

Note: For added sarcasm replace "goldfish" with "Adopted Romanian".
But I wouldn't do that because it would just be cold... And not at all funny.
Your a very bad person. And frankly... So am I.

By Rory Glynn.

Like a Grenade

This one is more of a song than a poem.

I Exploded like a grenade
It was getting worse
And makin' me curse
So I went up!

I Blasted them back,
In a Massive Attack!
And now they run back
For courage they Lack!

I exploded like a grenade
They were getting on my wick!
So I hollered "Suck my dick!"
I just blew up!

I Blasted them back,
In a Massive Attack!
And now they run back
For courage they Lack!

By Rory Glynn
-Hey if you listened to the weird variety of music I do you'd write this shit too...

Shot In the Back

We were walking in the park,
A city dwellers perk
Then (due to sudden spark)
I was "Such a Jerk!"

I was shot in the back!
I was hurt, by
An unprovoked attack!
I felt like dirt, because
I was shot in the back!

by Rory Glynn

Friday, September 08, 2006