Thursday, October 11, 2007

Left Limits

Given a function f(x)
We say that f has:

A Left Hand Limit Equal To l!

But only at the point at the point x0-oo-oh
If the value of f(x)
can be made as close as we wish to l
as x approaches x0 - From the Left

The girl beside me is hot like hell
Her cleavage invites like the gates of hell
I may not feel that rump tonight
But she looks great in the afternoon light.

Take x close to two
Like you hold your baby close to you
But keep it less, than then two
or else you just might go through

If x is nearly two, then x-squared is nearly four
and we can make it close
and we can make it big
But we always will be limited by that value: less than 2
So what I'm really saying is that it never will be four.

So when I say
f(x-) = L
Don't you walk away...

Rory Glynn
If you really want to get this you have to listen to some Guns N' Roses and then read it.
Axel Rose needs to sing it.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

In my Canteen

In my canteen:
The food is always stodgy,
The chips are really dodgy.
In my canteen.
The fish is just terrific,
The meat is non-specific.
In my canteen.
The cleaning is atrocious,
The tables make me nauseous.
In my canteen.
But when you need a feed
It's the place your guaranteed
It won't make your wallet bleed!
And that's why it's my Canteen.

This isn't specifically about DIT's canteen, which isn't that bad... except for the cooking.


I'm crazy,
so crazy,
just crazy,
and lazy,
and blue.

I'm crazy
so crazy,
just crazy,
and hazy,
about you.

I'm crazy,
so crazy,
just crazy,
to blasé,
to sue.

I'm crazy,
so crazy,
just crazy,
but my pay,
is due.

Obviously I was too busy sticking to the format to make any sense...

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I need some human interaction
Or at least a good distraction
I might as well be in traction
As live a life devoid of action

I am so bored
Why am I so bored?

I need someone to talk to
Something to think and something to do
I've got a catalogue to flick through
Does that sound appetising to you?

I am so bored
Why am I so bored?

I just want to go home
To end this frivolous roam
I'll sit on my nerd throne
And invade Berlin or kill a clone.

I'm just so damned bored!
It cannot be ignored
I need to go out and be scored
Or I might as well be freeze stored


Friday, June 01, 2007

Plane Ramblings

I am currently sitting in seat 12c listening to johnny Cash cut with punk rock.

My vessel sails over a patch of lake scattered wetlands north of Vancouver, unfortunately I cannot access this information first hand but instead must rely on a gps driven mapping program to inform me.

Why Do I Not Look Out A Window?

Simple: on an Airbus A330 the left side of row 12 has no windows. Bit of a downer.

According to the digital map We are passing “Norway House” home of an impressive sand spit.

What Is A Sand Spit?

A sand spit is a product of erosion and deposition, specifically it is caused by what is known as “Longshore Drift”.

Longshore Drift causes sand to be pulled along a beach. This works just fine until the beach gives way (i.e. the rock or other solid that the beach formed on are no longer there) then without a beach to bounce off the drift looses all of its strength and drop its load.

After some time the load forms more beach and the waves rebound off this making more deposited beach after that first stretch, this process continues until the sand source is cut off. (either by the complete erosion of the source or by human interaction in the form of building various barriers to stop the sand from leeching off “their” beach.

I just heard “Grace Kelly” by Mika, and I admit: I'm growing fond of it despite myself.

Now Johnny Cash is singing about his lover being the nearest thing to heaven... Boy oh boy do I miss my girl. Ten hours without the ability to send her some sort of short soppy message is killer.

Ah, that body of water is “Lake Winnipeg”, some more control over this GPS feed would be nice.

It is 11:02 Pacific Coast Time. 7:03pm at home.

That give me about 3 more hours in this accursed contraption.

Redhatt Bootstrap Linux! The in-flight entertainment computer just restarted. It is running RedHat Bootstrap Linux, I wonder if this is automatic or if someone is actually at a console somewhere...

It's taking quite a while to get running.

The stewardesses mentioned earlier that they had not been told how the system worked beforehand.

I wondering if this relates to wht is making the lites turn on and off randomly. Or the mysterious “Computer Problems” that delayed take off.

Interesting: It is again running its gps system for me to look at, but now it has a much more detaled feed, its telling me outside temperatures, wind speeds etc.

How odd.

So, this crate is Penguin Powered, how about that?

Do I Trust a Penguin Powered Plane?

Sure, why not? If you can't trust the nerdiest software around, who can you trust?

“Dreaming Dreams of driving a Zamboni, all over Saskatchewan” - Weird Al Yankovic.

I currently float due south of Saskatchewan. Which puts me probably in Canadian Airspace.

Here comes “Whole Wide World” by Wreckless Eric, a fairly soppy allegedly punk song. I wish this plane was aimed in the opposite direction.

Why Am I Crossing The Rockies When I Only Want To Cross The Irish Sea?

Beats me.

Ah, the child sitting across the aisle from me has woken to find that he is stil on that damned plane. You wouldn't be that excited by the prospect either.

I'm glad there is some punk on, because Mr. Cash would have a hard time drowning out this little fella.

Tell Me About The Airbus A330.

Well its a plane, It has two wings, it runs an in-flight entertainment system based on redhat linux.

It has all the standard trappings of a modern airliner. Big plastic everything. If it were to crash the emergency exit is one row in front of me, and manned by an elderly couple I don't trust.

But I'm just bitter because of the legroom I would have if I was sitting there.

Current status of Rory Glynn:

Tired : True.

Bored: True.

Lonely: True.

Sore: True.

Sleepy: True.

In Need Of A Visit To The Lavatory: True.

In Desperate Need Of A Visit to the Lavatory: False.

Full Of Piss And Vinegar: Always.

Breath Fresh: False

Dragon Breath: Possibly.

This trip marked a new high for me in painful long distance flying:

I ate the whole dinner except the yellow rubber and the cold pasta, twice.

Also I watched two films in their entirety.

Those films were:

The Cleaner

& Music and Lyrics

The Cleaner is a traditional “unlikely espionage” comedy movie. Much in the style of “The Man Who Knew Too Little”.

Music and Lyrics is a modern Hugh Grant movie where he plays his Four weddings and Gossford character, but with an inkling of backbone.

Both films made me feel lonesome for Seāna.

Okay, I think I'll go for that pee now.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Hole Song

When you leave,
You leave your hole behind!
When I come,
Its just your hole I find!

When you're hot,
You can be quite conductive.
But when you're cold,
Your not so seductive.

I need you,
to be more,
I need your:
to be impure!

You'll be better
I'm really hoping;
When I add a letter
In a process called Doping!

If you were N;
It would be conductive,
If you were P;
I would fall in your... hole.

This song is actually about the doping of Silicon chips.

Friday, January 05, 2007

The Latest NESW From The Front

Hey there!
I'd like anyone who still looks in this direction to check out my new direction:

Check out our Frappr!