Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Comrades Fore

Dear Friends First,

Today a man in your employment acted in a manner that would inspire animosity, distrust and even dislike between us. But I believe we should not accept that we are enemies yet, we should endeavor to be friends first.
The man in question was a security guard tasked with protecting your property, and he came to tell me that I was not allowed to make use of your sparsely populated bike-racks.
Although he was friendly at first he made it clear to me that I was unwelcome.

I am a student working three-days a week in your neighboring company HiberniaEvros.
I was let-go some time ago, but found work with HiberniaEvros, much to the delight of my friends.
First I got the job and then I realized that to get to that job I would need a bicycle.
Unfortunately I am unable to find a better home for my bike during work hours than your rarely used bike-rack.

I worry that if I leave my bicycle in a less sheltered spot than your rack it might be damaged, stolen or mistreated, and that would be a shame because to me, my bicycle is a very valuable friend.
First: It gets me to work on time.
Second: It helps me get in shape.

I am willing to waive you of any responsibility for what happens to me or my property while on your property.
So please, ask yourself, instead of becoming enemies don't you want to be friends first?

Rory Glynn

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey there!

I've decided to follow my star, take a chance and build a website.

So I bought a domain and hosting from

The url for my new site is, when it's done it should be fun and interactive.

If you want to keep track of my progress just go to the site blog at

Have fun!