Thursday, April 22, 2010

Relax and talk phones

Hi there reader,

It is time to sit back, relax and have a nice sip of root beer.
You don't have any root beer? Well then it sucks to be you.

Along with root beer I have a newly rooted Google Nexus One (root phone?).
Why did I root my phone?
Simple really: I was sick of the contacts icon.
You see the contacts icon seems so unnecessary.
When you've seen the slick design of the HTC Sense UI the native google one seems clunky.
Of course I was being a complete idiot, as both the Cyanogen Mod ROM and the Modaco ROM don't change the stock interface*. (The screen grab on the left is actually the Modaco ROM).

What rooting my phone has done for me is allow me to install great root-only applications this includes ROM Manger, which I used to switch from Cyanogen Mod to Modaco (and am currently switching back with) and the screen grabbing tool I used to take that screenshot.
I'll continue to play around with it and install the HTC Desire ROM when I'm sure it's stable.

*Technically this isn't true Cyanogen changes the interface a little bit, it adds more blue and makes the WindowShade (Notification Pulldown) transparent.

Thanks for reading!

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