Saturday, September 23, 2006

Death in the family.

This one is a proper poem...
For people who can't take a hint I would like to point out that time passes between verses.

A member of our family died today
We cried and wailed in such dismay!
He was one of us for many years.
That's why his passing caused such tears.

The funeral was held last Monday
By all accounts a dreary day.
At the wake we raised our beers
To toast a life with many fears.

But today will be bright and gay,
And we will all go out and play!
You see I don to want to seem perfidious
But now we have a new goldfish.

Note: For added sarcasm replace "goldfish" with "Adopted Romanian".
But I wouldn't do that because it would just be cold... And not at all funny.
Your a very bad person. And frankly... So am I.

By Rory Glynn.
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